Turkey Hotlines for Thanksgiving

Messing up the cooking of the turkey for Thanksgiving can be disastrous. The turkey is the centerpiece for every Thanksgiving dinner, and if anything goes wrong during its preparation, it can downright ruin your holiday dinner. So make sure you have a contingency plan for any emergency by keeping numbers for “turkey hotlines” handy. These

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Kitchen Appliance Lending Libraries


We all have kitchen appliances we don’t regularly use. Some of them are pretty expensive, and some of us regret having to have spent such a large amount of money on things that were used only once or twice. And not only are many kitchen appliances expensive, they also take up a lot of unnecessary

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Best Kitchen Apps

As with most things these days, cooking has evolved along with technology. No longer do you have to attend cooking classes in-person or look through musty recipe books to improve your cooking skills. Now there are cooking shows (and whole networks devoted solely to cooking), cooking podcasts, and computer programs that can help you become

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