2012 Cooking Show Casting

Are you a great cook and want to get on television? It is important to know where to find a few 2012 cooking show casting calls. It is not necessary to be a professional chef to be a part of a cooking reality show. There are many different shows looking for contestants. Here is a look at how to apply and what the shows are all about.

Casting Call for Cooking Show – Chopped

Chopped is a reality/game show which places four chefs head to head with mystery basket challenges. Everyone must use the special ingredients to prepare a dish that is judged on taste, presentation, and creativity. After three timed rounds, the judging panel chooses which person is chopped, or eliminated. In the end, the last chef wins $10,000. Right now, tv show casting for this program is looking for a skilled, imaginative, and competitive cook. Both men and women of any ethnicity may apply online. They are also searching for professional chefs to perform on specific themed episodes as well. If interested, the application can be found on Foodnetwork.com.

Bobby Flay’s America’s Best Home Cook Casting

This is a brand new series on The Food Network looking for contestants. The show splits the chefs into two teams which get the opportunity to impress Bobby Flay. The winner will be crowned “Best Home Cook In America”. This show is casting for people who enjoy home cooking and love to throw dinner parties. These people are usually the ones who always get compliments on meals and are always asked for personal recipes. A creative and competitive individual will do well and should email BobbyBest [email protected] including name, photo, short bio, contact information, and details of parties that were thrown. Large cities are also holding open interviews. They already visited Dallas, TX and Chicago, IL. They will be in Philadelphia, PA and the New York area with a September 14, 2012 deadline to apply.

Show Casting for Hell’s Kitchen

One of the most popular and abrasive chef on television is Chef Ramsey. He is known for his foul mouth and delicate palate. He runs Hell’s Kitchen, and intense workout of culinary tests and dinner services. Anyone over the age of 21, outspoken, competitive, and good in the kitchen are encouraged to apply at [email protected] or call 310-313-9100. Application and eligibility requirements can be found online at www.thecolincompany.com.

There are numerous shows on television currently casting for a person passionate in the kitchen. It is simple to apply. In the end, a favorite hobby can end up making a person rich and famous.

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